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12 Reasons To Use Your Local Beewise Mortgage Advisor When Buying Or Remortgaging!

Have you ever wondered exactly what a mortgage advisor does? Or the benefits of using a mortgage advisor over doing the research yourself?

Perhaps you’ve never even heard of a mortgage advisor, and are on step one of your homebuying journey, wondering where to start!

We’re here to break down the role of a mortgage advisor and how they help you. Or more specifically, what your local Beewise advisor will do to help you.

Every mortgage broker or mortgage adviser is different, and the level of service they offer depends on the fees they charge and the way they work.

But, Beewise are on hand with outstanding service and expert advice from the minute you contact us until you get your new keys, or the day your remortgage completes.

With over 230 5 star Google reviews, there’s a reason why clients recommend us. In fact, we’ve shared 12 reasons for you below, so scroll down to discover them!

From what to expect to what questions we’ll ask, this should cover all bases. But, if you’re looking for mortgage help right now, call us on 01934 204841 or email us here to arrange an appointment.

1. We’ll share expert knowledge of the wider mortgage & housing market

The main purpose of a mortgage advisor is to search the market on your behalf, and recommend the most suitable mortgage for your needs.

That way, when you do take out a new deal you can be confident you’re getting the right one for you. After all, a mortgage is one of the biggest loans you’ll take out in your life!

But, Beewise FS Ltd don’t stop there. We’re on hand with expert guidance throughout your homebuying or remortgaging journey, and talk you through the whole process along the way.

Your local mortgage advisor will get to know your current and future situation, understand your needs, and share relevant knowledge of the current market in a jargon-free way.

This means when you do take out a mortgage you’ll be fully informed, and making a decision you’re happy with.

Plus you can be confident the advice you receive comes from a qualified industry expert, and isn’t just pieced together from a Google search!

2. Accurate borrowing figures calculated from the start

While online mortgage calculators can seem like a handy tool, banks and building societies base lending figures on more than just your salary.

Monthly commitments like car finance, student loans and maintenance payments are all taken into account, and so are extras like bonuses, commission and benefits.

Check out our blog post on mortgage borrowing potential to find out what else lenders look at!

Your Beewise advisor will always collect the relevant paperwork upfront so we can accurately calculate how much you can get towards a mortgage.

We also make sure to get you an agreement in principle – your provisional yes from a lender – so there’s no surprises when it comes to submitting that mortgage application.

After all, when you finally find your dream home, we want to make sure you can afford it! Plus, estate agents will often ask to see this as proof you’re able to buy somewhere.

3. Secure a mortgage in principle within 24 hours of sending paperwork

Like the sound of being sure how much you can borrow? Then you need Beewise!

Not only do we respond to enquiries within 24 hours, we could also get you an agreement in principle within the same timescales.

So, if you’ve viewed a property and are desperate to make an offer, your local advisor will be more than happy to escalate your paperwork checks and get that pushed through for you.

We’re here to save you time, money and take the stress out of mortgages, which means being on hand when you need us most.

4. Access to more mortgage deals and maximum borrowing

Beewise work with a whole host of lenders, from big high street banks to smaller building societies. And, we often have access to exclusive deals through our network, Quilter Financial Planning.

There are also lots of lenders that work solely with mortgage advisors, meaning you’d need an advisor to access their rates.

So, not only do we save you time by comparing deals across the market on your behalf, we could save you money too!

Plus, lenders calculate affordability in different ways, so using your local Beewise advisor to source a mortgage instead of your bank or current lender could mean you’re able to borrow more.

5. We’ll find the right lender for your mortgage needs

Banks and building societies also have their own criteria around the way they view a mortgage application.

For example, some may want you to have a certain credit score depending on how much deposit you’re putting down. Or, they might calculate borrowing less favourably if one applicant is self employed.

They can also view credit cards and loans differently, use varying percentages of income from overtime, and have rules around how long you’ve been in your current job for.

And, some have a strict policy around less-than-perfect credit history, while others are happy to take an individual view on each case.

These conditions can vary depending on the market and other factors, but Beewise stay up-to-date with the latest changes on your behalf.

Your local advisor will know which lenders are suitable for your mortgage needs, meaning you can be sure you’ll get the most suitable deal for your situation.

Not sure if you’d be able to get a mortgage due to your job type, salary or credit history? Call us on 01934 204841, or email us here to find out!

6. Evening and weekend appointments to suit you

Like the sound of using a Beewise mortgage advisor but not sure when you’d have time to chat? We offer out-of-hours appointments to fit your schedule.

Here at Beewise, we understand that work, family and general life mean you’re not always available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. So, we’re flexible around those hours to make it work for you!

7. A modern approach to mortgage advice

As well as being flexible with appointment times, we’re also happy to chat in whatever way works best for you.

Be it in person, over video call, via WhatsApp or text message, through email, or by picking up the phone, we’re here for you!

And, Beewise pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable, ready to help out with the level of support you need. Check out our 230+ 5 star Google reviews to see just how happy our clients are!

If you’re a first time buyer or moving home and need support from start to finish, we’ll be on hand to help out until you get your keys.

Or, if you’re looking to remortgage and get the right rate, we’ll fix in a deal up to 6 months before yours ends, switching it if rates reduce, and making sure it goes in place when needed.

Plus, our advice is jargon-free, relatable and easy-to-understand, as we want you to be fully informed through your mortgage journey.

We’ll always put our customers first, so let your local Beewise mortgage advisor know what they can do to help you.

8. Up-to-date information on the latest first time buyer schemes

Getting on the property ladder can be tough, with one of the biggest hurdles saving that big deposit.

Luckily, there are lots of great initiatives to help overcome that, from 100% mortgages – so no deposit required! – to Deposit Unlock, helping you buy a new build home with just 5% deposit.

Not only will your local Beewise advisor talk through your options, we’ll know what lenders are participating in which schemes, and their criteria around each one.

Or, maybe you’re struggling with borrowing enough towards your dream home? No need to worry, as we can help with that too!

With alternatives like shared ownership, where you part buy and part rent, to adding on a parent or family member to boost affordability, we aim to make that dream a reality!

If you want to know the options available to you, contact your local Beewise mortgage advisor today on 01934 204841, or email us here to book in a call.

9. Advice on all aspects of buying your home

One huge benefit of using Beewise over other mortgage advisors is the level of advice we give. Yes, we’ll make sure you get the right mortgage, but we’ll also help you when buying your home.

In addition to calculating how much you can borrow towards a mortgage, we’ll work out additional costs like solicitors’ fees, stamp duty, surveys and more.

We’ll also let you know what to look out for when viewing properties, help you decide how much to offer if you’re unsure, and give general guidance throughout the whole process.

For a sneak peek on just some of the advice we give, make sure to read our Essential Guide for First Time Buyers!

Your Beewise advisor will have tons of expert knowledge around the housing and mortgage market, so use that to your full advantage.

10. We work with estate agents and solicitors on your behalf

Being on hand even after your mortgage gets accepted is another factor that sets us apart from lots of mortgage brokers.

Here at Beewise, we believe in making your journey as stress-free as possible from start to finish, which means liaising with estate agents and solicitors on your behalf.

This is especially helpful when you’re buying a property – and if you’re selling one too – as we’ll give you regular updates from the solicitors, and pass these onto the estate agents.

Offering that extra level of communication not only makes the whole process easier, it could even mean you getting the keys to your new home quicker.

We’ll also recommend trusted solicitors, and as we work closely with lots of local estate agents, you can tick one more life admin job off your list thanks to your Beewise advisor!

11. You’ll save time, money & hassle

As you can see, Beewise aren’t just about getting you the right mortgage rate. Our aim is make mortgages and protection easy, as well as saving you money.

From that initial advice when you first start thinking about buying or remortgaging, right through to completion, you can trust you’ll have expert guidance on hand throughout.

After all, buying a house can be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do, so it pays to pick the right advisor to guide you through it!

And, with so much changing in the current mortgage market, having expert advice you can rely on is worth every penny.

12. Award-winning, 5 star mortgage advice

Don’t just take our word for it though – Beewise FS Ltd were voted Best Mortgage Broker in the South West, and Best Mortgage Advisor Office for the UK in the 2022 ESTAs awards.

We’ve recently been shortlisted for the 2023 ESTAs shortlist too, so we’re hoping to keep our top title!

As the ESTAs are based solely on customer feedback, winning is a huge honour – nothing means more to us than offering amazing service and helping our clients however we can.

And, our 230+ 5 star Google reviews are testament to that. “Personable, friendly and efficient”, “excellent customer service”, “outstanding from the beginning” and “amazing every step of the way” are a few of our latest!

So, if these 12 reasons weren’t quite enough to persuade you to give us a call, you’ll find over 230 more recommendations online from some of our happy customers.

Make sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages too, and stay updated with all the latest mortgage news, plus helpful tips and advice for getting on the property ladder.

To get in touch with your local Beewise advisor, ring our office on 01934 204 841 or email to arrange a call, with evening and weekend appointments available. And, check out our 230+ 5 star Google reviews! Voted Best Mortgage Office in the UK 2022, you’re in safe hands with Beewise FS Ltd.

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